Resident Evil 8 Village release and features

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Resident evil 8 village

Resident Evil 8 Village is the newest Resident Evil game developed and distributed by CAPCOM. Unfortunately, it follows the same wicks as Resident Evil 7. It is a title that dared to reinvent the saga with a result. Also, a brutal acceptance of the press and its community of players.

If it is true that it does not maintain that Survival-Horror component as much as the seventh chapter did. It feeds back from the action gameplay style.

What To Know about Resident evil 8 features

We are facing a Resident Evil that will absorb us from the first minute, thanks to its setting and narrative.

We will constantly stumble trying to decipher the secrets and enigmas surrounding it. Obviously, because of the atmosphere permeating every meter of this small village.

Will Resident Evil Village fill fans’ expectations? …Do not miss our review of Capcom’s newest Resident Evil game.

First impressions

Resident Evil 8 village takes place three years after the events in Dulvey. Just as we saw in previous Resident Evil Village trailers. Our protagonist Ethan tries to rebuild his life with Mia’s. In fact, they had a little girl who they baptized as Rosemary.

What was a happy family now is into despair and destruction. This just after the appearance of Chris Redfield, who attacks the Winter family with an assault team; after this assault, Mia dies, and little Rosemary is kidnapped.

It is only the beginning of a new nightmare for Ethan. Without wanting or expecting, he will find himself in a mysterious Romanian town in search of his beloved daughter.

Simple and regular people do not inhabit this town, and nothing is further from reality. In addition, Ethan must face new dangers ranging from the ferocious Lycans to the four Bosses that rule nearby.

The premise of Resident Evil Village is simple:

Get to the crypt of Mother Miranda and come out unscathed with Rosemary… and we already anticipate that this will be a challenging task in Ethan’s hands.


In Resident Evil Village, you can notice some ideas from Resident Evil 4. Things such as the merchant we will find called Duke. Also, a couple of situations that will remind us of Leon’s nightmare in Spain, and many more.

We can tell you from now on that Resident Evil 8 Village is based more on a Survival-Action system than on Horror, as we saw with the seventh game.

Don’t worry because the title dances between excessive terror and furious action. It has a balanced way to shine at specific times; we won’t feel like we’re playing “duck shooting.”

Many nostalgic players will feel at home with this Resident Evil release. This is mainly because of similarities with titles like Resident Evil 4.

We will not say where or when, but know that Resident Evil Village is a set of situations or experiences which will be a constant struggle for survival. From one moment to another, we will see ourselves squeezing our brains with some other puzzle or enigma.

Or other moments, we will be devising a way to avoid enemies detecting you. When this happens, we have an advantageous situation to escape.

For example: From Alcina Dumitrescu, to whom our bullets will not spoil her beloved style or an elegant dress.

Features and release

Duke the merchant
We can’t miss this obvious tribute to Resident Evil 4 that we will have with Duke. It is the game’s merchant in this newest Resident Evil game.

This imposing figure will give us that moment of relief and knowing that we are in a safe area in the frenetic town where we find ourselves.

Many enemies will indeed be a more than resistant sponge of bullets. This will only give us headaches, and here is Duke to reestablish the balance.

Balance that will make us go from a poor bastard who ran out of magazines to take down an enemy to a Rambo-style killing machine in the middle of the jungle.

Duke will allow us and make available tools that range from parts to expanding the magazines of our weapons. You could substantially improve the damage of that shotgun that we need ready to dismember the enemies that we will practically have to fight in melee.

The Gloomy Town

The only thing that will keep us alive in the town and its surroundings will be our combat skills and, therefore, our weapons. In some circumstances, running away is an option, and in that way, we have appreciated that some enemies have a somewhat limited area of ​​​action.

Stealth only serves to postpone combat or give us a situational advantage. Speaking of this “stealth” component, we won’t always be able to get out of situations on foot.

Werewolves are fast, other enemies may be slower, and if they allow you to retreat between so you can react, but if or if you will have to face them if you want to go through that area, there is simply no escape.

Graphics and sound

We believe that at this point, it is unnecessary to say how wonderful and spectacular the RE Engine graphics engine is. Still, we are forced to emphasize it anyway because Resident Evil Village reaches a level of detail in textures and the simply fantastic setting…

It is especially noticeable in the interiors and main characters. Creators just took into account even the smallest detail. It is enough to look at Ethan’s hands and how many details they have.

The Dumitrescu castle stands out particularly well thanks to its style, and we were entranced and drooling over the details of the castle’s facilities.

We have not felt any lags or performance drops. We can only say that in the PC version, the game has excellent optimization. You can also notice a good performance on consoles, but the difference is kind of noticeable from the PC version.

However, we can say that the Resident Evil Village release is wonderful. It is such a good title that we highly recommend you to play and help Ethan in his latest quest.

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