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alpha ace

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We are going to show you a bit more about Alpha Ace. This is a great option if you are a mobile gamer, and you want to feel like you are playing CS:GO on your mobile device.

Since its launch, CS:GO has been one of the most popular tactical shooters, enjoying incredible popularity despite being on the market for over 10 years. Of course, the competitive scene, players, and popularity still rock to this day, but gaming has evolved, and new platforms like mobile gaming have taken relevance, too.

alpha ace

What is Alpha ace?

Alpha Ace is a NEW CS:GO Style game developed by Garena. It’s similar to other mobile fps like combat master mobile and modern combat, but its formula is improved much better, making you feel like you are playing CS:GO on your mobile device.

There will be a variety of weapons to choose from in Alpha Ace; if you like melee fights; go for shotguns or sub-machine guns; if you prefer medium to long-range combat, You can use Assault Rifles or even Snipers. You will play as a team of 5 players and earn points by defeating enemies. You can also get some bonus points for completing different objectives; this can vary depending on the game mode.

Alpha Ace is a good alternative for those who want a smooth fps experience on their phones, tablets, or any other mobile device but are not hardcore gamers. However, it adapts very well for those casual players that want to have a good time playing from their mobile devices.

How did Alpha Ace become a thing?

Alpha Ace first apparition was in February 2021 by the name of Global Offensive Mobile. At the time, people noticed that the game had many similarities to Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) for this reason, many mobile gamers were quite excited about its release.
However, the similarities were so many that the game could easily be accused of plagiarism.

At that moment, the Thai studio Cheese WT developed the game.

This version of the game even had its Discord server, where one of the moderators was connected to the known platform of Perfect World games. Unfortunately, it seems that the partnership they tried to create with Perfect World did not work out, and the game ended without warning. The game disappeared and left not a single trace in March.

Later in May 2021, the game tried to return to life by the name of “The Origin Mission.” Then after a global test and another intensive test in Thailand, developers disappeared again.

Finally, in January 2022, the game makes a debut under the name of Alpha Ace, looking very different from what previous studios did before. The essential fact is to avoid apparent similarities with CS:GO weapons and maps.

alpha ace gameplay

Game modes and some features

Like other mobile tactical shooters, Alpha Ace is inspired by Counter Strike Global Offensive with game modes like; Team Clash, Demolition Clash, Point Grab, Costume Party Endgame Mode, Rocket Game, and Titans Arcade.

In this cs: go style game, you can find a lot of weapons available. From mid-range assault weapons like M4, FAMAS, and BULLPUP to sniper rifles like AWP, SSG, MK20, And more. Players can also purchase some guns when starting the round, depending on their adapted playstyle.

Among its game modes, you can find some of the relevant ones like:

Titans Arcade

This is like a fantasy game mode where players get superpowers of Titans by getting kills. Players can also unlock unique and special weapons through these kills and grow players in size.

Rocket Man

Create Chaos with a rocket launcher in a low-gravity environment. You can destroy everything around you in this destructive game mode.

Endgame Mode

This is the classic CS:GO defuse-bomb game mode where a C-4 bomb is deployed just starting the game. Consequently, players need to detonate or defuse the bomb (This may vary depending on what team you are playing), a competitive game mode that requires tactics and coordination with your team.

Demolition Clash (PvP)

This is an enhanced 5v5 mode where one of the two teams has to plant the bomb. Simultaneously, the enemy team has to stop them or defuse them. It has better graphics and exciting gunfights.

Team Clash

Players have weapon choices, and unlimited respawns. They need to get good scores and have excellent skills to show in this hectic game mode. Score and defeat your enemies within the time limit.

download alpha ace

Download Alpha Ace

Obviously, If you are excited and like how this game looks and want to give it a try to this good alternative. You can download Ace Alpha from both Google Playstore and IOs Apple Appstore. By the way, If the game is unavailable in your country, you can still download the APK from trusted 3rd party sites like tap tap. But we don’t recommend this because you can experience high latency or bad connection.

Should you try Alpha Ace?

Yes, Alpha Ace is similar to other FPS on the market that tries to fill that need of a mobile tactical shooter game like CS:GO style. The gameplay is solid with easy and intuitive controls for everyone from hardcore to casual gamers; it adapts very well to each playstyle. You can notice that if you already have installed another similar game, you may be thinking, why should you? Download Alpha Ace?.

We will answer this by saying it has some excellent game modes that other fps like this don’t offer. For example, costume Party, Titans Arcade, and Rocket Man are exciting modes where you can play hide and seek.

Collect power-ups to become super powerful, or play with a rocket launcher in a low-gravity mode. So if you ever want to play CS:GO on your phone. It can be your chance to experience that feeling.

Finally, the choice is up to you. It is worth giving it a try and having a good time with Alpha Ace and creating its personality.

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