Battlefield 2042: A new generation shooter

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Updated 2022/07/08 at 3:28 PM

It is just one of many franchises that make up the still saturated FPS genre.
Battlefield is the most distinctive thanks to the size of its maps and its emphasis on roles. This time we are going to show a review from Battlefield 2042

Despite the many changes this series has undergone since its conception in 2002. However, those two pillars have remained almost intact. It has ensured that the franchise maintains a loyal fan community despite its ups and downs.

Of course, these are not due to an identity crisis. Nor are both because of the need to innovate, even if the series is subjected to it.

What offers Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042 release is a shortcoming of modern ‘gaming’ We refer to the comfort generated by the existence of patches and other facilities of the cyber environment in the development of AAA games.

First Thoughts

Unlike previous releases in the franchise, Battlefield 2042 completely dispenses with a campaign or solo mode. Depending on the player’s preference. It can be both good and bad.

What I cannot deny is this latest release. It is for the public that enjoys the competitive online section.

Unfortunately, most bugs affect vital aspects that create a sustainable competitive environment.

It is now correct the inability to revive allies if they died near objects and the dispersion of bullets in patch #2.

The title continues to suffer from graphical bugs, interface problems, balance, and even cheaters. Right now, the only way to avoid cheaters is to disable cross-play with PC players.

Even if they fix these bugs, first impressions show a title unable to survive through its competitive online scene time will speak for itself.

battlefield 2042 Gameplay and features

Battlefield 2042’s gameplay marks the debut of the ability to change Weapon’s attachments in real-time.

While this mechanic could be further diverse through a future patch or sequel, it alone makes soldiers more versatile on matches.

It is not an innovation within this genre players deserve that more competitive FPS. Players empathize that this should be a normal feature.

Another good gameplay addition is extreme weather and its effects on the zone. While these extreme conditions aren’t as influential as the announcement trailer might suggest, they’re still an element that diversifies the combat. For example, tornadoes are dangerous to both sides, and sandstorms can obstruct visibility.

Specialist and gadgets battlefield 2042

One of the most divisive changes to Battlefield 2042, even before its release, is that the 10 Specialists who get into the franchise’s typical classes: Assault, Engineer, Medic, and Recon class can technically play all roles.

Everyone should have a unique ability. However, very few have something that only one can do. One of the few exceptions is Emma, ​​who has the flight suit.

In general, classes feel superfluous in Bf 2042 patches will allow anyone to equip specialist-exclusive gadgets for anyone.

Conquest and Breakthrough

When it comes to gameplay, fans of Battlefield games will recognize Conquest and Breakthrough. The first confronts two teams that must take areas to reduce the number of enemy reinforcements.

The second assigns an attacker with finite resources and a defender who must prevent the opponent from taking control points. If it fails, the defending side must fall back and protect the following points. Bugs aside, these modes work as usual.

Many players play these two game modes because it is a frantic and fast-paced way to enjoy what this title has to bring to the Battlefield community.

What is new in this battlefield 2042?

The new content of Battlefield 2042 comes in the form of Hazard Zone and Battlefield Portal. At first, multiple teams must compete against each other to retrieve data units scattered across the map, and you can safely extract them from the map.

In addition to fighting other teams, players can play with AI-controlled soldiers. Win or lose, players will receive credits that you can use to purchase better gear early in matches.

In this way, the game encourages you to play constantly to accumulate credits and thus allow yourself the best arsenal from the beginning of the game. Therefore, it is a relevant addition.

However, Battlefield Portal is undoubtedly a nice new feature of Bf 2042.

More than a game mode, Battlefield Portal is a platform that allows you to take maps from previous releases like Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3. It lets you edit all kinds of features through a simplified code tool.

These range from the weapons and vehicles available to details such as bullet speed, health regeneration rate, and damage rate depending on the body part affected.

Unfortunately, some good aspects prevent Battlefield 2042 from continuing to suffer from a lack of engagement with players.

Given the size of the maps, moving around can be one of the most tedious parts of this game if you do not find a vehicle.

Another problem some players experience is that the progression system can be pretty slow rewards are not too much. DICE should give out more while you are ranking up your guns.

Is BF 2042 Worth your money?

Despite its many technical and graphic flaws, Battlefield 2042 has the potential to live a long life. But, of course, this depends on DICE polishing the base game and then continuing to add new content.

A good portion of these will revolve around Battlefield Portal, a platform that makes for a very versatile map editor.

Even if Conquest and the other game modes don’t get your attention, Battlefield Portal allows for more experiential experiences.

Generally speaking, we can say that Battlefield 2042 is a good title with a lot of potential to be unleashed. This depends DICE decisions.

We highly recommend this game to players who engaged with previous releases of this saga. You will find a refreshing videogame that still needs time to emerge. but offers a great gameplay experience that deserves a try.

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