Elden Ring: renews Dark Souls formula and is serious contender for game of the year

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Updated 2022/06/27 at 12:25 AM

We all know that the Dark Soul series is quite demanding, and we have some good news for all experienced players. Elden Ring release keeps its hardmode formula and the challenges that come with it. Although, on the other hand, it is not the best title of its kind, it is playable for sure, and if you love previous games made by From Software, it will catch your attention a bit.

We would be lying if we said that some players think Elden Ring will not be the best game of the year, decade, and millennium. After a long wait and great works like Dark Souls and Sekiro but is still being an excellent release for this year.

How to play Elden ring

It is a new Elden Ring release from From Software to us, a new Souls-style adventure that drinks directly from its previous games and are again based on European medieval fantasy.

We played the new invention born by Hidetaka Miyazaki and the writer George R. R. Martin, who would have elaborated the bases of the history and all the antecedents of The Middle Lands.

Elden Ring pc experience is a bit different gameplay experience in the Xbox Series.

Q & A

Is it still as tricky as the rest of Souls? Yes, it is still as complex as the other games, but now it’s more accessible without the need to mess up the game with selectors.

Is Elden Ring free?

Unfortunately not, you can find an Elden Ring on Steam for 47$ and 55$ for the Xbox Series Version retail edition.

Is it an open world we will have to kick around with hardly any interaction? No, you will have action everywhere in the Middle Lands teeming with life.

Will we continue to have more closed and “special” points? Unfortunately, yes, and more than one limit our mount use.

Is the duration artificial, and will progress weigh us down? No, you will be able to dedicate yourself only to the main story, and this is something which we do not recommend or just get lost in its world without having time perception,

However, you will first find yourself with limitations that you will cross with objects and defeat main bosses. Finally, we hope we have answered the most common questions about the game.

Elden Ring graphic settings

It’s not a secret that Elden Ring is “backward” graphically, but its art design is outstanding and creates a brutal set. If you are a PC gamer, you should download the Elden Ring.

Even so, we see an evolution in its graphics on the Elden Ring gameplay. A clear example is the realism of our characters and their editor that you will realize with an always comparative.

Continuing with his design, Miyazaki has done it again; each place, the new enemies, bosses, absolutely EVERYTHING has a unique design that you may like more or less, but the great work and imagination that exists behind each one are indisputable. one of them.

We have been able to play on its Xbox Series and PC version, and as strange as it may seem – based on the latest news on its performance – I have not had any FPS problems or drops.

However, We have suffered some popping, especially in the Necrolimbo. Unfortunately, improving launch performance is still a work in progress, yet if you look at how Sekiro was released and how it works now, it doesn’t compare.

What’s more, with the Day One update, they already fixed many performance-related issues in Elden Ring. So the only problem I could attribute to it is that because, in an entire game, We have found 0 bugs.

What new mechanics does Elden Ring incorporate?

Such as, the Ashes of War in Elden Ring gameplay offers us more unique builds and surprising combinations, or the mausoleums, some creatures that camp in The Middle Lands and that we will have to go down to access and be able to duplicate the memories.

In addition, we have a The Witcher 3-style tracking system with footsteps, some of the Great Runes that give us certain advantages when equipping them, a day and night system that modifies the behavior of certain enemies, Sekiro-style jumping or stealth, and many more nice features.

On the other hand, its combat and controls are smooth and polished. The hitboxes are incredibly developed, and we have a wide variety of weapons, from the most common to the legendary shields and available equipment.

Another of the new mechanics they have implemented is the creation of objects, an advantageous option for making bombs, resins, power-ups, poison removers, bleeding and other debuffs, etc.

In other Elden Ring news, we have that you can collect the most of the necessary materials around the world; there will be areas of an abundance of “x” material, so we recommend that you use the map markers for when you need to farm to know where exactly to go and this will make your life easier.

We must admit that we have not used the creation system as much as we expected, or at least not enough. We think it is a section that could be more useful; even so, it may be that it is used often with other classes.

Elden Ring Duration

A few weeks before Elden Ring’s release, we learned that its approximate duration would be 30 hours -primary mission only-although We would add about ten more hours.

However, in our first round, we explore every corner of the game in search of all the bosses, secrets, and objects; its duration quickly amounts to 150 hours.

Finally, remember that you can explore the significant areas of The Middle Lands with your friends and companions since the dungeons and closed places are limited, and we can only summon the bosses. We will have hours and hours of PvP in the purest Dark Souls style.

Is it the best game ever?

You can only answer that question with “it could be” and more so within its genre, but for you, we don’t know. Elden Ring is an assortment of all the FromS games, improved, perfected, and dozens of new options.

Although it suffered from specific performance problems at the beginning, the game is polished regarding bugs, combat and exploration. “Late” graphically but surprisingly in art, setting and soundtrack.

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