The Best Elden Ring Weapons

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As hard as Elden Ring or the other Souls games may be, the vast variety of weapons in the games help you get through them and even cheese them. But considering the number of prominent weapons and the flexibility offered by the game for different playing styles, it may be hard for a beginner to plan their inventory from the list of 309 total attainable weapons. This is why it’s essential for anyone new to Elden Ring or games like it to go through tips and instructions, especially when it comes to weapons. This is why we’ll use this list to highlight the best Elden Ring weapons.

The issue with making the list entirely about the game’s very best weapons is the fact that a bunch of them are rather difficult to find, which is why we intend to list mostly the weapons you can find between early to mid-game. And while some of the weapons may require you to defeat some bosses, many of these weapons can be found as early as the game’s first few hours. 

10. Reduvia (Dagger)

Stat Req – Str 5 / Dex 13 / Arc 13

While daggers in Elden Ring may require more subtlety than other weapons due to their lack of higher range and raw power, they are still the fastest blade weapons in the game. In Elden Ring, the right build and effective backstab attacks are essential with daggers.

There is, however, a dagger that compensates well enough for daggers’ general lack of range and attack power; the Reduvia. It can provide quick offense and can inflict attacks that result in blood loss damage.

Where to Find

The Reduvia dagger is extremely easy to find and is attainable around the game’s beginning too. It can be found outside of Murkwater Cave, north of the lake in Limgrave. The red phantom Bloody Hunter Nerijus drops it after you defeat him.

9. Twinblade (Double-sided Sword)

Stat Req – Str 10 / Dex 18

The first twin-blade-type weapon of the game is easy to miss, as it appears in Elden Ring’s opening area. The Twinblade is a weapon for those who specialize in both strength and speed. The weapon works best with strength and dexterity builds, and can ideally give you a major area of effect with its fast and heavy attacks. It’s strong enough to inflict prominent damage in only a few hits.

Where to Find

The Twinblade can be found in the Dragon Burnt Ruins in Limgrave lake’s southern part. It’s located in a safe found within a ruined building on the southern part of the ruins

8. Greatsword (Colossal Sword)

Stat Req – Str 31 / Dex 12

The Greatsword is one of Elden Ring’s heaviest weapons. It takes a lot of stamina and strength to possess this weapon. Not the best choice for those who rely on speed and magic, but a delight for those looking for raw strength. It can inflict staggering damage to the foes and needs very few strikes to do the job.  

Where to Find

The Greatsword is located around Limgrave’s east, in the Caelid region. To find the weapon, you’ll need to follow the road leading west from the Warmaster’s shack. As soon as the sky turns blood-red, you’ll be close to the weapon. It can be found inside a ruined caravan protected by large dogs.

7. Winged Scythe (Reaper)

Stat Req – Str16 / Dex 16 / Fth 24

If range-play is your thing, It’s recommended for you to have a Reaper weapon. These blades provide long-range attacks and sweeping strikes. They’ll most importantly keep you at a distance from the enemies. The Winged Scythe is the best choice for those relying on both magic and melee attacks and even deals Holy Damage.

Where to Find

This weapon is located around the Peninsula’s north coast, in a destroyed temple in theTownsward ruins.

6. Moonveil (Katana)

Stat Req – Str 12 / Dex 18 / Int 23

If you want weapons that can inflict blood loss damage on the enemy katanas are the best option due to their agility. Among thedekatanas, The Moonveil has garnered quite the reputation, especially due to its abilities of magic and compatibility with Intelligence builds. Its weapon art skill, Transient Moonlight provides great range and damage and can tear through the enemy’s defense.

Where to Find

It can be found around Caelid, in the Gael tunnel earlier on, but is guarded by strong bosses that you must level up to defeat. Before claiming the weapon, you must defeat the Magma Wyrm.

5. Rivers of Blood

Stat Req – Str 12 / Dex 18 / Arc 20

Another Katana weapon, for those with builds of dexterity and/or arcane. Like all katanas, it causes blood loss build-up and damage and packs quite the firepower. The weapon skill boosts the blood loss damage even more.

Where to Find

You can find it around Mountaintops of Giants, in the Church of Repose. You must defeat the NPC invasion before defeating the Fire Giant to obtain it.

4. Ghiza’s Wheel

Stat Req – Str 28 / Dex 18

Similar to the buzzsaw axe in Bloodborne, this weapon is crazy enough to not only work as an axe, but even damage like a chainsaw. It’s a great option for blood loss damage and draining the enemy’s health, and the Buzzsaw Attack elevates it greatly.

Where to Find

The Ghiza’s Wheel is one of the harder-to-find weapons. It is, however, located in a castle through the lava lakes around the northwest of Altus Plateau. The lakes are also guarded by a large Magma Wyrm.

3. Meteorite Staff

Stat Req – Int 18

This one is for pure magic users. The perfect choice for enhancing your casting abilities till at least the mid-game. The lack of upgrading and infusion with Ashes of War may be a con, but the staff is not without its pros. It greatly boosts intelligence-based characters and enhances magic damage for all of your spells. It’s not the kind of weapon to stick to forever, but it bangs while it’s relevant.

Where to Find

It can be found in the deeper sites of Caelid. You can arrive there by opening the chest in the Dragon Burnt Ruins. From there, you’ll have to reach the Street of Sages Ruins.

2. Sword of Night and Flame

Stat Req – Str 12 / Dex 18 / Int 23

A well-known name in the Elden Ring community, and not only for good reasons. The fact that it can fire out a massive amount of energy beams and flaming strikes ended up being controversial. It’s a great option for those high relying on intelligence and melee action. The activation of its special abilities requires a fair amount of points for intelligence, dexterity, and strength. 

Where to Find

To find the Sword of Night and Flame, you’ll have to get through ghost knights and a load of hand/spider hybrid monsters in the Caria Manor (located to the north of the Liurna of the Lakes region.

1. Dark MoonGreatsword

Stat Req – Str 16 / Dex 11 / Int 38

One of the best swords in Elden Ring, and one of FromSoftware’s very favorites. It offers great attack for both, normal and magic builds, and features a powerful skill that greatly enhances the magic power, injects the blade with frost damage, and causes charges of moonlight damage with charged attacks. 

Where to Find

You’ll have to go through Ranni’s questline to get your hands on the Dark Moon Greatsword. It’s not as easy to get as the other listed weapons, but since it’s one of the strongest overall weapons in the game, it’s totally worth the effort.

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