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Counter-Strike Global Offensive is an online shooting game played in the first person. Due to its competitive nature, it has become quite popular as an eSports. The game is played in 5v5 best of 30 rounds, each of which lasts one minute and 55 seconds. The first team wins the game to win 16 rounds.

Getting and using skins is an integral part of the game, which is not an easy task as they cost a hefty amount. There are other ways to get the CS:GO skins from the market of steams or from other markets/ platforms where they are available, but the problem is that the skins are very rare and have a low drop chance. So, many times players test their luck and open the CS:GO cases to get the rare skins and then sell them; in this way, they can earn a lot of profit. Today we are discussing the best profitable cases in CS:GO that you should invest in.

Most Profitable CS:GO Cases

CS:GO cases’ odds are absolutely heinous. Here is what we found after doing a lot of research and experiment. We will show you the most profitable cases for investment with odds that are more likely to give you a good return on investment and how you can find them yourself.

So you don’t get as railed when you open CS:GO cases because even though the odds are always against you, this is at least going to give you a slightly better edge.

The average return on investment on all cases OR how much you would  “make” each time you unbox the case on average. The odds are awful as most cases only have a 50% return on investment, most hovering in the 40s.

Remember that this doesn’t mean you have a 40 or 50% chance to profit. It means, on average, when you left-click to open that case, that you’re giving away 50 to 60% of your money in most cases.

So which case is the most profitable for investment?

  • CS:GO weapon case 2 at around 73% return on investment
  • CS:GO weapon case 3 at approximately 68.5% return on investment
  • The snake bite case at 64% returns on investment
  • The Clutch Case is the most open case in the game, according to research

Below are some other cases which have massive potential and good return on investment

1. Glove Case

This Glove Case was added on November 28th, 2016, with starting price of $0.30. Have the following rare items.

  • Exceedingly Rare Gloves
  • Dual Berettas | Royal Consorts
  • MP7 | Cirrus
  • P90 | Shallow Grave
  • SSG 08 | Dragonfire
  • MP9 | Sand Scale
  • G3SG1 | Stinger
  • M4A1-S | Flashback
  • Sawed-Off | Wasteland Princess
  • FAMAS | Mecha Industries
  • Glock-18 | Ironwork 
  • USP-S | Cyrex
  • M4A4 | Buzz Kill
  • Galil AR | Black Sand
  • P2000 | Turf
  • MAG-7 | Sonar

2. Chroma 3 Case

This case was added on April 27th, 2016, with starting price of $0.03 and includes these rare items.

  • P250 | Asiimov
  • Sawed-Off | Fubar
  • P2000 | Oceanic
  • Tec-9 | Re-Entry
  • UMP-45 | Primal Saber
  • SSG 08 | Ghost Crusader
  • Dual Berettas | Ventilators
  • XM1014 | Black Tie
  • Exceedingly Rare Special Item
  • G3SG1 | Orange Crash
  • SG 553 | Atlas
  • M4A1-S | Chantico’s Fire
  • PP-Bizon | Judgement of Anubis
  • CZ75-Auto | Red Astor
  • M249 | Spectre
  • Galil AR | Firefight
  • AUG | Fleet Flock
  • MP9 | Bioleak

3. Gamma Case

Devs added this Gamma Case on June 15th, 2016, at $0.05 and have the following rare items.

  • SG 553 | Aerial
  • Five-SeveN | Violent Daimyo
  • M4A1-S | Mecha Industries
  • AUG | Aristocrat
  • P2000 | Imperial Dragon
  • MAC-10 | Carnivore
  • R8 Revolver | Reboot
  • AWP | Phobos
  • SCAR-20 | Bloodsport
  • P250 | Iron Clad
  • Glock-18 | Wasteland Rebel
  • Nova | Exo
  • Exceedingly Rare Special Item
  • PP-Bizon | Harvester
  • Sawed-Off | Limelight
  • Tec-9 | Ice Cap
  • M4A4 | Desolate Space

4. Operation Hydra Case

This Operation Case was added on May 23rd, starting with $4.53, and contains the following rare items.

  • MAG-7 | Hard Water
  • Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast
  • M4A1-S | Briefing
  • SSG 08 | Death’s Head
  • USP-S | Blueprint
  • AWP | Oni Taiji
  • AK-47 | Orbit Mk01
  • FAMAS | Macabre
  • M4A4 | Hellfire
  • UMP-45 | Metal Flowers
  • Exceedingly Rare Gloves
  • Tec-9 | Cut Out
  • Dual Berettas | Cobra Strike
  • Galil AR | Sugar Rush
  • MAC-10 | Aloha
  • P90 | Death Grip
  • P2000 | Woodsman
  • P250 | Red Rock

5. Broken Fang Case

The broken fang case has crazy price change movements, and more gains seem a bit unrealistic, but it has gained a lot of strength recently. There has finally been consolidation in its price.

Prices have been hovering around the same range and area for a time in the CS economy. It always tends to break upward from what we have seen in history.

The broken fang has had a sharp profitable move in price since last September. Then from January to February, it was a raging market, and after that, it broke upward again. This is a consistent theme in the CS economy.

Less Profitable Cases 2022

There are few other profitable cases in 2022 but have less return on investment.

  • The Devs added Danger Zone Case on December 6th, 2018, with starting price of $0.05.
  • Prisma 2 Case was added on March 31st, 2017, starting from $0.20.
  • Falchion Case, which was added on May 26th,  2015, starting from $0.12.
  • Huntsman Weapon Case, which was added on May 1st, 2014, starting from $1.68.

These cases also have a good ratio of return on investment which might sound weird because it’s an active drop that you can still receive in-game. Buying and holding on to these things for a long time and waiting for them to disappear can make you some good money.


Counter strike cases have different returns on investment. Sometimes the best cases can give you less than what you expect, and occasionally standard cases can leave you speechless regarding return on investment.

It all depends on when you bought the cases and their behavior in the CS economy. There’s not a 100% chance that you will get a good return on investment; even in most rare cases, you will make 40 to 50 % and more likely throw 50 to 60% of your money.

All we have shared with you is research, NOT a piece of investment advice.

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